Queen (again) for the day

32nd Occasional Doo Dah Queen Skittles is known to the working world as Julie Klima, professional photographer. Among the things she likes to do most is document little facets of history. In this case, she called and asked me to sit for her for a photo series she is working on about the Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade.


I pulled out my dress and all my acoutrements, had a chat with the Royal Pup Atticus and  was off. Princess Valerie had graciously allowed us to use her dance studio for the shoot. It was quickly transformed into a quite lavish sitting room, resplendent with a flowing background and floor of various veils, sarongs and other fabric pieces.


I sat in a big rattan chair and Atticus took his place (wearing his official cape) in my lap. He is one patient Jack Russell terrier, as he sat still for a good hour and then stayed at a spot by my feet for quite a while too.


It was fun to pose for Queen Skittles. She has a perky personality and really enjoys her work. She made all of us feel comfortable and didn’t mind it when Atticus offered to help check that she hadn’t left anything behind in her bags and that all her camera and flash connections were safely in place.


Soon, I will have some photos to share for you, but for now, please visit www.queenskittles.com and www.julieklima.com to see some of her work.


Also, one of my readers, Bill Cagle performed at an open mic at the Folk Music Center in Claremont recently. He shared a video of the moment with me and you might like it too.


Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJpq4qjE0Uw 


it may give you the inspiration to try something new!



Now, carry on, as you were,


Queen Mickie

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