Welcoming a new princess

Hello dear readers,


Mommy’s busy and her blog looked like it needed some words of wisdom from a certain little dog, so here I am. But I have BIG news!! After a long wait, my new – or should I say mew? – friend Mia is finally home and word is that she is a perfect princess.



Several months (about 180 kibble dishes in dog years) ago my human friend Vernor was taking a walk when he heard frantic cries. He looked around and discovered a dirty, skinny kitten hiding under a bush. He checked to see if her mother might be near, but there was no sign of her nor any of her siblings. Vernor picked up the nameless kit and she clung to him for all it was worth. She was scared, but friendly.


Smart man he is, Vernor took the kitten to his veterinarian to be checked out. She was quite young and would need lots of TLC, plus lots of feedings. Vernor enlisted the help of a rescue organization to help care for her and on Monday they said she was big and healthy enough to go home! Yay!


Mia, as the kitten has been dubbed, is now learning to get along with Vernor’s other cats, Tasha and Goldie. She is eating well and is a “cuddle monster.” My mommy reminded Vernor not to forget his other cats while giving out attention just because Mia has that “new cat smell” lol! He promised and I believe him, as he has a big heart and is one of my fans.


Best wishes to Mia on her new forever home!


Paws up,


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