Doo Dah gets nod in the Rose magazine

Here at newspaper central, the annual Rose magazine is always a massive undertaking. We strive for the best writers, best photographers and best stories to add our shine to the must-have Rose Parade guide.


This year, I was asked to write a story about the Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, the foil to the New Year’s Day event in Pasadena. Not to be outdone by the OTHER PARADE’s royal court, I consulted with Doo Dah Tsar Tom Coston and Tsarina Patricia Hurley on a shocking tale that you cannot miss~




READ how royalty selects the proper attire for the OTHER OCCASION of the year.


SEE stunning royal portraits by current Doo Dah Queen Skittles, including mine featuring the Royal Pup Atticus.


LEARN how you can be your Doo Dah best during try-outs in February and the parade in May.


BUT WAIT! There’s more…  you’ll have to check it out for yourself…


OK, so you may be savvy already, having received a copy of The Rose in your Pasadena Star-News on Sunday, but if you aren’t, there’s still time. You can buy the magazine in Pasadena during the Rose Parade on Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!


Be informed and be one of the beautiful people… oh, and carry on, as you were,

Queen Mickie


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