Royal shakin’ goin’ on Friday night in Altadena

I’ll be dusting off my swords for the Friday soiree at McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena. So if you’d like a slice of art, music, dance and cool culture, c’mon down and find out what Royalty does on their day off.


Gallery at the End of the World
2475 N. Lake Ave. Altadena, CA 91001

March 4-7, open daily 12-6pm, free

Thursday: Artists Reception 6-9pm, free

Friday: 1st Friday Art Club Opening 7-1am, $5.00 cover

Saturday: Potluck BBQ, please bring a dish to share

Sunday: Brunch, dish to share welcomed

Featured Artist: Desdy Kellogg

Artists Include:
Kathryn Hansen, Elizabeth Butterfield, Debbi Swanson, Sharon Garrett, Becky Sehenuk, Cathy Tharp, Carl Heinz, Nina E.K Ehlig, Louise Stivers, Joe Feinblatt, Kathleen Swaydan, Lynn Heinz,  Richard Davies, Joni Coyote, Mark Verillo, Brian Dario, Jonathon Killen, Chelsea Squires, Gustavo Muniz, Michael Stern, Kathy Carvellas, Dominique, Annie Forguette, Georgia Debeers, Heather Marrow, Nancy Desmond Armitage, David Steinbacher, Kyle Brogmus, Armando Gonzalez, Faith Taylor-Marder, Jaime Sabatte, Daniel Rarela, Karen Sachs, Alice Grevillius, Paul August BruinSlot, Ben McGinty, Dave Lovejoy, Johnny Fox, Ngene Mwuara, Matt Foote, Kris Blaze, Deborah Blanco, Kai Samuels-Davis

Performances by:

Friday: HB3’s album release party “Studies for Traps & Piccolo, plus Nocturra & Ric

Saturday: Single Trak

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