Letters keep coming ’bout Doo Dah

I just love fan mail!  And around Doo Dah time is when I seem to get the most. I’d like to share a couple more missives with you:



Hi Mickie!
To use an old country expression, “Well, I swan!”  Saw your avian-inspired dress in today’s Star-News.  Quite appropriate, considering that Lamanda Park is a few miles west of Arcadia.  All hail the Imperita emerita!

40770-z peacocks on Michillinda Ave-thumb-300x225-40769.jpg


Peacocks strolling on Michillinda Ave. (probably just west of the Arcadia city limits line).  Note that since there weren’t any peahens in the neighborhood, they didn’t go into their “If you’ve got, flaunt it” mode.  Some people call them “sport model turkeys”.
Bobby Boy
(whose younger daughter is an alumna of Pomona College, home of Cecil Sagehen.)

Doo Dah Paradeers!


To all our friends~! To the entries! You all did a fantastic thing, and we really appreciate it…


1st parade in that area, and it had a great energy and feel–you made it happen.


We spoke to someone who said “People were absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t even dream about that…”


It really felt awesome out there. Thanks for your creativity, imaginariums, and sense of nonsense, we all needed it this year! I have at the end of this message a bunch of links to photographers and bloggers and websites–so you can see yourselves! I’ll keep you posted on more too. Thanks for all your kind messages.


And see you next time, be well,

Paddy Hurley

& Tom Coston at LBP, all of our devoted volunteers, Maria and Clara, also Queen Kavita, Queen Sue Behrens and Steve Vargas, Gary Barbudo, Queen Skittles, Queen Mickie, Brian Biery, Jesselynn, Doug Larner, Corky and Queen Erica Valentine! you entries most of all, and the audience tooJ


…the Parade can be found here, http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6604702  a live stream I use for the Newspaper.

Dean Lee


…I posted my Doo Dah photos on my Kristin’s List Facebook Fan Page. Even if you are not registered on Facebook you can see all my photos. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristins-List/30782292713 


Thanks again for such a fun and memorable day!




…That’s right folks – it’s a 3-ring circus with Steve Vargas playing two gigs* this week, and then capping things off with 45 NIGHT @ THE BUC on Wed. 5/19 for his 45th Birthday. Don’t be left out! Good seats are still available!!!

SierraMadreSue (Behrens)

and speaking of circuses – check out this link to some awesome DOO DAH photos by Terry Miller.  it was a gas!!!



I (Queen Mickie) have been blogging here and there about the parade with updates coming as the days go by at my Diary of a Doo Dah Queen blog,



Also photos can be seen at the Rose magazine blog,



and there is an online gallery at




I haven’t yet placed my photos on the site, but will hopefully soon!  It is www.brianbiery.com  The doo dah entries can see lots of Chalk photos in the meantime.  -Brian Biery


Have a spectacular summer



Patricia Hurley

Managing Director
Light Bringer Project

626.590.1134 office
I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
Carry on, as you were,
Queen Mickie

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  1. Awww. My dear departed paternal grandfather in Lebanon, MO, often said, “Well, I swan” although it came out “Well, ah swan”! Haven’t heard that in years.

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