Cultural weekend coming to Altadena

I’ll let you in on a little Doo Dah denizen secret– 1st Friday Art Night is the place to be! And if your calendar has room, make plans to spend your entire weekend at McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World because there’s plenty to see, lots of new friends to make and even more adventure to be had that you’d ever expect. Here’s the info:


McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World


2475 N Lake Ave Altadena CA 91001

June 3-6, Open daily 12-6pm

Thursday: artist reception 6-9pm
Friday: 1st Friday Art Club Opening 7pm-1am, $5 cover
Saturday: potluck bbq
Sunday: brunch

Featured Artist: Deborah Blanco

Artists include: Molly Tierney, Sharon Garrett, Cho Paquet, Patrick Gothard, Cathy Tharp, Karen Sachs, Carl Heinz, Nina Ehlig, Roderick Smith, Ross Anthony, Kathleen Swaydan, Lynn Heinz, Maria Teresia Wide, Nancy Armitage, Carolyn Jean, Warner R. Trayham, Autumn Webb Johnathon Killen, Eve Kessler, Bonnie S. Callahan, Richard Davies, Anita Finnegan, Mary Gothard, Georgia DeBeers, Elizabeth Wallace, Heather Morrow, Lisa George, Jaime Sabatte, Kevin Dalton, Casey Figueroa, Elizabeth Jewell Butterfield, Deborah Hobbs, Nancy A. Jones, Michael R. Gibson, Armondo Gonzalez, Gardner Andrew Belluche, Brian Dario, Matt Foote, Kris “Blaze” Carly, Ngene Mwaura, Dave Lovejoy, Johnny Fox, Ben Mcginty

Performances by: MMMKay (thursday), The Sundowners and Nocturra & Ric (friday night), The Invention (saturday), and HB3 (sunday)

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