Doo Dah tryouts a blast~ Susann Edmonds named 36th Queen

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Congratulations, Queen Susann!
Thank you to everyone who made Doo Dah Queen Tryouts a show stopper!
Thank you to all the Doo Dah lovers who participated in Sunday’s Queen Tryouts! We appreciate every Queen who tried out, every judge and audience member.
Unlike the other parade, all of the Pasadena Doo Dah Queen hopefuls are invited to be part of the Doo Dah Royal Court. Queen’s Susann’s Entourage will be receiving more info soon about when and where to go on the morning of the 27th.

Don’t see a photo of you? Don’t worry! There will be an album on the Doo Dah Facebook page with a large collection of images from the evening. There are plenty accumulating now!

Parade day is Saturday, April 27th stepping off at 11am
We remain open to all DOO DAH PARADE entries 
Please contact Parade Organizer, Patricia Hurley
print and mail your entry form from the Doo Dah website:
Judges include former Queens Patrizzi Intergarlictica, Serpent Queen Jen, and Naughty Queen Mickie, Photo by Terry Miller
Queen Contestant Tanya Piana, XXX
Photo by Kelly Phillips
Suki Suki queen contestant
Photo by Terry Miller
The Hanging Judge, Bruce Litz
Photo by Julie Smith
queen tryouts
Marissa Gomez, Miss One Dolla No Holla,
photo by Patricia Hurley
Tom Coston being over stimulated by Uncle Fester
Photo by Julie Smith
Last but not least, our new QUEEN Susann!
Photo by Julie Smith
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