Chinese classes for all?

Suzanne Fratto of Hacienda Heights makes an interesting point in her letter to the editor.

“This is in response to Hacienda La Puente Unified School District board President Jay Chen’s accusation that the motives behind the opposition to the Confucius Classroom and recall efforts have a “racist sentiment.”

Chen should examine his motives behind instituting the Confucius Classroom in the first place. My question is: If it is necessary/important to teach Chinese culture/language to the students in Hacienda Heights, why then is the program not being offered to the students in La Puente? Is not the district comprised of both communities?

I was told by another board member that “there were not enough Chinese students in La Puente” to offer the program. Again, if it is necessary/important for the education of the district’s students (and use of district funds), should it not be important to all the students?

Read her entire letter at CONFUCIUS

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