New $5.5 million Islamic Center opens in Rowland Heights

The Islamic call to prayer sang out its welcome message, drawing the faithful to Friday services in Rowland Heights. Ramadan was just around the corner and the members of the local mosque had even more to be thankful for this summer.


The new $5.5 million Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley opened June 22, just in time for the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. The proud members were celebrating the culmination of six years of hard work and dedication.

Inside, guests gathered in the large lobby to shelve their shoes. Before prayer, Muslims wash their hands, arms and feet. A nearby alcove offered the ceremonial ablution with automatic foot-washing baths imported from Canada.

A modern mosque occupies the expansive first floor. A two-story prayer hall serves as a focal point for the faithful. Men knelt in prayer on a beautiful rug imported from Belgium.

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