Walnut offers art classes for kids

Kids looking for more hands-on creative projects, love working with colors, paints, crayons then one of Walnut’s art programs may be right for you.

Young Rembrandts Preschool Drawing will help your child prepare for Kindergarten.This class teaches 3 1/2 to 6 year olds how to draw age-appropriate subject matter while they learn to follow directions, focus, and stay on task.  

You can also create silly characters, funny expressions, and sequences that tell jokes with Young Rembrandts’ Cartoon Drawing. This program takes 6 to 13 year olds step-by-step through light hearted drawing methods.

Young Rembrandts’ Elementary Drawing helps children develop drawing skills and boosts confidence. Lessons include landscape, still life, and art history topics.

Classes begin February 5, at only $45. Curriculums meet the California State Standards for Visual Arts. 

For more information or to register for any of these programs please contact the Walnut Community Services Department at (909) 598-5605 or visit us online at www.ci.walnut.ca.us.

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