Cindy Shea’s Mariachi Divas wins second Grammy

Cindy Shea won a second Grammy for her Mariachi Divas

Cindy Shea won a second Grammy for her Mariachi Divas

Musica is Cindy Shea’s business. And business is great.
The Hacienda Heights resident received her second Grammy Award on Sunday.

Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea had been nominated for Best Regional Mexican Music Album for its ninth album, “A Mi Manera.”

“I heard about it (the nomination) while riding in our car and I just started screaming,” Shea recalled. “It’s so exciting to be nominated again with my husband Alberto Jimenez Maeda, who does all our musical arrangements.”

Mariachi Divas also won a Grammy in 2009 for Best Regional Mexican Music Album. The shiny gold gramophone sits in Shea’s Hacienda Heights home. Now she’ll have a matching set.

The blonde musician was all smiles as the female mariachi band gathered by the ESPN Zone to thank their fans and families last week at Downtown Disney.

“With their fifth nomination, they have earned more nominations than any other mariachi band,” said Stan Freese, talent booking director for Disney Resorts.
“Our girls from Los Angeles have gotten more nominations than the rest of the world’s mariachi bands combined,” Freese said.

The talent director booked the Mariachi Divas more than a decade ago to play at California Adventure. “They have been great ambassadors for the Disney Resorts. They recently headlined our new Viva Navidad celebration for the holidays,” Freese said.

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