Tournament of Roses bandfest draws elite bands


The Tournament of Roses Bandfest began its second day of performances under cold, gray skies. The all-girl band from Denmark loved it.

“You have such nice weather here, in Denmark it’s freezing and we have snow,” said 19-year-old Louise Hansen. The drummer was lining up to perform with the Helsingor Pigegarde. That’s the Elsinore Girls Marching Band to you and me.

The band of 56 young women, dressed in sailor uniforms, last appearing in Los Angeles during the 1984 Olympics.

They had also been invited to play in the French New Years parade along the famous Champs Elysee in Paris. They declined the invitation to come to Pasadena.

So did they regret their decision?

“The people here are so kind, everybody is friendly and says hello,” Hansen said.

It might have been a little overwhelming for little 12-year-old Melisa Olsen. The flutist has only been with the band for a year, but she said she was enjoying the trip.

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