Broncos, Coyotes get set for big game

The Cal State San Bernardino and Cal Poly Pomona men’s basketball teams have had some great games in the past. Both have great coaches and quality athletes. Each game just adds to the rivalry.

The team split games this season with one of those decided in overtime.

So it is probably fitting that they are going to be squaring off on neutral ground in a West Regional quarterfinal at Western Washington University in Bellingham.

The coaches like and respect each other, as do the players. The teams are travel partners so for much of the season they’re on the same flight when it comes to road trips, especially with each within sneezing distance of the same airport.

Both teams will leave on Wednesday in preparation for Friday’s game. As usual they will be on the same flight. It’s one thing for that to be the norm during the regular season. But this is a playoff game with everything on the line.

So that will be a little awkward.

Since this is a playoff tournament the NCAA makes the arrangements, as opposed to the schools making their own as they do during the regular season. There are enough flights out of Ontario that probably didn’t need to happen.

But at least one won’t be faced with some travel problem the other doesn’t.

The winner plays again on Saturday, about the same time the losing team will be arriving home. At least they won’t be on the same flight then.

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