Cal Poly honors basketball team

Cal Poly Pomona held a pep rally to honor its men’s basketball team which brought home a national championship a few days ago.

It was a festive 45-minute affair., The pep band played, the cheerleaders were on hand  and the Quad was adorned with green and gold balloons. Each player was introduced, as were the coaches. The athletes soaked up the atmosphere. All had a good time but no one enjoyed the moment more than junior Donnelle Booker.

Seniors Dahir Nasser and Austin Swift were the last introduced and they were the players who addressed the crowd.. Swift appeared the most emotional, on the verge of tears a couple if times. Perhaps it was the realization his collegiate career was over and couldn’t have ended in a better way.

The mayor was on hand. Do politicians ever miss a chance to schmooze! It’s almost annoying. Yes the city is proud of the team but this is a mayor who likely has not been to a game. Now he wants to be there to pat the boys on the back. If he had been to a game or knew anything about the team he wouldn’t have referred to coach Greg Kaminksy (as opposed to Kamansky).

And he referred to athletic director Greg Swanson. (It’s Brian Swanson).

But it was nice that the players had their day and were able enjoy the adoration of the student body.

Eight out of 10 players should return. So now the have to be up to the challenge of defending the title. I don’t think that will be a problem though!



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