Thomas Hickey interview


Here’s the rookie-camp interview with Thomas Hickey. On the OTHER subject, Patrick O’Sullivan and his agency did not return calls today. I’m still waiting for an extended chat with Dean Lombardi. For now, here’s Hickey…


(On his health status…)
“I’ve been skating for about a month now. I started out pretty light, but the last three weeks I’ve been doing what any other guy who do to get ready for the season.”

(On whether he feels behind schedule at all…)
“No. For any hockey player who takes a lot of time off in the summer, it takes a few weeks to get back into it. Fortunately, I had that time to train and get prepared, so I feel good out here. There’s no excuses to be short on breath or anything.”

(On whether management has talked to him about his role…)
“No, they haven’t said anything. Speaking to the other guys, I think it’s the same thing. We all know there are spots up for grabs, and they’re going to be filled by someone, so it’s our job to step out and take those spots. That’s what I’m trying to do here. I’m not really looking at how many spots are open. It’s how you play, and if you show you can be a NHL player, then they’re going to keep you. So that’s what I’m focusing on.”

(On whether he has any lingering mental effects from his injury…)
“No, I’m past that. At the start, there was. You’ve got to retrain yourself to walk properly and to skate properly, but I had that time and I was able to go over a lot of things. I feel good with where I’m at right now.”

(On whether he feels more comfortable in camp this year…)
“Yeah, much more comfortable. We’re not even at the main camp yet, but I’ve been skating with the guys down here for a few weeks. My mindset is a lot different. I know how good they are and this year I’m not going to be sitting back and watching them. I’m going to be competing and trying to compete right up there at that level. I think that’s a big advantage coming in, having a training camp under my belt. I can really switch my focus this year to making the team, as opposed to seeing what the NHL is all about.”

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