Bryant gets MVP

Kobe Bryant seemed genuinely touched to be embraced so warmly by the Las Vegas crowd on Sunday night, probably because the last time he was named the MVP of an All Star game, he was roundly jeered by his hometown fans in Philadelphia.

“I was pretty upset. Pretty hurt,” Bryant said in 2002. “I just wanted to go out there and just play. Just play hard.I can just look at them being just diehard Sixers fans, I guess, being loyal to their team.”

But this year, with his stellar play and the Lakers’ early season success, Bryant’s been hearing MVP chants in the most unlikely places. Even Boston.

Vegas seemed enamored with him all weekend. He received the loudest cheers of any player at the West’ practice on Saturday and was second only to Michael Jordan when they were announced as judges for the Slam Dunk contest Saturday night.

Sunday, he was clearly the crowd favorite.

“It’s humbling,” he said. “As player we always want to feel appreciated for what we do. To have this type of reaction here is very humbling.”

  • Ramiro Romo

    Kobe “Flailing Elbows” Bryant can win all the individual awards he wants, but he will not win a championship without Shaquille O’Neal. As Shaq proved last season by helping the Miami Heat along with Dwyane Wade win a championship, it has never been more evident that Jerry Buss made the wrong choice by making an admitted adulterer his franchise player. While Shaq is a proven leader, Kobe is selfish and according to Phil Jackson uncoachable. As a lifetime Lakers fan, I find it hard to accept what the Lakers have become. Hopefully, Phil can convince Jeannie Buss to talk some sense into her dad and salvage what’s left of this once proud franchise.

    Sincerely,Ramiro Romo Jr.