Draft picks, etc.

Here’s our story on the Lakers’ portion of the NBA Draft:

Kobe is the main subject

It’s quite a lengthy story, so there’s not much more to be said. It’s worth noting that Kupchak specifically mentioned that he drafted the two second-round guys knowing that they could end up playing in Europe this season. He’s concerned about roster-spot availability and he likes the players.

The Lakers had Crittenton ranked far higher than 19th, but some of that probably is because he ran the triangle in high school. That’s a huge factor, because it means he would be able to step in with a lot more familiarity than the average rookie. What remains to be seen is how it will impact Jordan Farmar. Perhaps not coincidentally, Farmar showed up for an on-court workout just as the draft was wrapping up. Farmar is a gym rat anyway, but the timing probably wasn’t a coincidence.

Phil Jackson was moving uncomfortably on his repaired hip, but then again, he’s still early in the recovery process. He said something interesting, which was that he wasn’t sure, at the time of the surgery, whether he would be healthy enough to coach next season. Those fears seem to have subsided but Jackson has not decided on his future beyond next season.

As usual, all the rumors were just that: rumors. Kevin Garnett hasn’t moved.

  • gdchild

    From what Mitch and Phil said, I doubt they ever were pursueing KG.

  • pjay

    f**k whEn are you guys gon make a move to get a free agent. because ya’ll can get Billups and KG. we fans want’s to see ya’ll win a championship this coming season/playoffs ..it’s pissing me off everyday you guys have a chance to get a good free agent. u guys just set there and do anything about it u guys are worried about the future F**k da future we want championships.

  • Michael Teniente

    The Lakers intend to sign Luke Walton at 5 million for 6 years.

    Jerry Buss needs to get his face out from between all those young females legs and get some air because this guy has lost it.