Spurs 51, Lakers 43 at the half

Kobe Bryant scores with 1:29 to go in the half. HIS FIRST POINTS OF THE GAME. No, we’re not kidding. Before that basket, Bryant had missed the only two shots he’d taken, opting instead to pass when San Antonio stuffed his dribble penetration. Unfortunately, his teammates weren’t exactly knocking down shots, making just 39 percent of their shots in the quarter. If not for a good run by the second unit, the Lakers would really be in trouble.

In the first quarter, the Lakers came out of the blocks like a team that’s been sitting around for five days and the Spurs took advantage. Tony Parker blew by Derek Fisher on seemingly every possession, prompting Phil Jackson to put Jordan Farmar in with 2:05 left in the quarter. Good thing he did. After the Spurs build the lead to 27-18, Farmar sparks the Lakers on a 6-0 run to close out the quarter and cut San Antonio’s lead to three points.