Exit interview: Kurt Rambis

I guess that’s the best way to describe the conference call Kurt Rambis did this afternoon, after he was formally introduced as the new head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Naturally, quite a few of the questions focused on whether Rambis was passing up a chance to be Phil Jackson’s in-house successor by leaving now. Personally, I think Rambis will be a better candidate after he has some head coaching experience. So I think this is a good move for him overall.

But here’s what he had to say for himself:

“There was a possibility. I saw myself as a viable candidate, above many, and equal to most. But this was a timing thing to me,” Rambis said. “There were no guarantees. They made me no promises. Phil is a competitor, he loves coaching and that team right now is built to win for a long time. I envision him being there for a long time. This was here right now. This was the right team at the right time, the right possibilities.