Bryant’s lockout plans

Kobe Bryant hasn’t said boo since his exit interview with reporters after the Lakers’ second-round playoff flameout in May. He hasn’t expressed an opinion on the hiring of Mike Brown to replace the retired Phil Jackson. He hasn’t said anything about anything, skipping the chance to talk last week during his annual youth basketball camp at UC Santa Barbara. So, it’s anyone’s guess what he might do during the work stoppage.

Deron Williams, in an interview with, offered an opinion. Williams, a New Jersey Nets guard, plans to play in Turkey next season but he doesn’t expect Bryant to follow.

“I see him going to China or somewhere,” said Williams, who joined with Bryant to help the so-called Redeem Team win the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. “He’s big in China. I was over there with him in Beijing. He’s ‘The Man’ over there.”