Lakers meet their biggest (and oldest) fan

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Allene Wynn, a 105-year-old Pacoima resident and a huge Lakers fan, met several of the players before the game outside the team’s locker room. She smiled and posed for pictures with Steve Blake, Andrew Bynum and Ramon Sessions, among others.

Wynn had a few words of advice for Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, too.

“You guys haven’t been playing well enough to suit me,” Wynn told a laughing Bryant in a stern voice, telling him to take his sunglasses off “so I can see you better.” She told Gasol, “I didn’t come all the way down here to watch y’all lose today.”

Wynn said she has been watching the Lakers play since the days of Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, when the team called the Forum home. She said she had visited Staples Center only once before to watch a game.

In an interview with a Daily News reporter last month, Wynn said she wanted to meet Bryant for her 105th birthday. Her birthday was last Tuesday, when the Lakers played against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland.

So, the Lakers arranged for her to meet Bryant on Saturday instead.

The Lakers’ narrow victory over the New Orleans Hornets probably did little to settle her nervousness about the team’s play of late. Bryant said he hoped she enjoyed it all the same after he made the go-ahead 3-pointer in an 88-85 win.

“That’s unbelievable, being 105 years old,” Bryant said. “I don’t think this game did anything to relax her. She was like a female Tex Winter (the demanding former Lakers assistant coach to Phil Jackson and the innovator of the triangle offense).”