Kobe Bryant impressed with Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor scoring 138 points

The news struck Kobe Bryant faster than his efficient footwork, aggressive drives to the basket and uncanny scoring punch.

A reporter just informed a college basketball player scored 138 points and took over 100 shots.

“Wow,” Bryant said as he eyes lit up following the Lakers’ 95-90 victory Tuesday over the Brooklyn Nets. “No kidding? Where?”

Jack Taylor, A 5-foot-10, 170-pound sophomore guard at Division III Grinnell College, accomplished the feat.

“Really? Wow. That’s impressive,” Bryant said. “That’s crazy. I don’t care what level you’re at. Scoring 138 points is pretty insane. How many 3s did he shoot?”

Taylor shot 27 of 71 from three-point range. He went 52 of 108 from the field. Taylor went seven of 10 from the free throw line.

“Holy sh–,” Bryant said, shaking his head. “How many points did they score as a team?”

Grinnell College defeated Faith Baptist Bible, 179-104, Tuesday in Grinnell, Iowa. No other starters cracked double figures.

“What?!” Bryant said. “That’s incredible.”

Faith Baptist Bible’s David Larson scored 70 points on 34 of 44 shooting and the team still lost.
Reporter: Dude on the other team scored 71 points and lost.

“That’s amazing,” Bryant said, still shaking his head. “He must have been wearing the Mambas, man. Only Mambas have no conscious to shoot the ball like that.”

This all led up to the pressing question. Bryant remains fifth on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. His 81 points on Jan. 22, 2006 against the Toronto Raptors. marks the second-highest scoring output in a single game behind Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point effort. Bryant’s storied 17-year career has also consisted of endless criticism surrounding his hero ball tendencies and shot selection.

Would the general public praise Bryant for accomplishing such a feat?

“Would people be celebrating me if I scored 138 points?” Bryant said. “You know how it is, some people would, some people wouldn’t. They can all kiss my [expletive] as I’m sure he feels the same way. If you score 138 points, you kind of have a license to tell people to [expletive] off.”

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