NBA fines Dwight Howard $35,000 for flagrant foul

Lakers center Dwight Howard has been fined $35,000 by the NBA for knocking Denver forward Kenneth Faried to the floor in the Lakers’ loss Wednesday to the Nuggets.

Howard, who’s making $19.5 million this season, won’t serve any suspension and will suit up when the Lakers (14-15) host the Portland Trail Blazers (14-13) Friday at Staples Center. Although Kobe Bryant called Howard’s flagrant foul type 2 and immediate ejection the “right call,” the Lakers strongly argued Howard didn’t warrant a suspension.

“I shouldn’t get penalized for fouling somebody hard,” Howard said. “My intentions weren’t to hurt anybody. It was just a hard foul. I’ve been fouled harder and nothing has happened. They can’t put me on a different scale because I’m a strong guy. A foul is a foul.”

The NBA cited Howard’s “excessive contact with Faried above the shoulders” that caused him to fall to the ground with 5:02 left in the third quarter. When Howard was in the air, he pushed Faried’s face.

Howard has collected three flagrant fouls and has accumulated “four points” under the NBA’s flagrant foul policy. Should he earn another flagrant foul type 2, Howard would receive an immediate suspension.

According to the NBA rulebook, the league issues such punishment depending on a number of variables. The NBA measures the severity of the contact, whether it’s considered a “basketball play”, whether the player committed the foul with his arm or hand, the potential for injury, the severity of any injury the offended player suffered and whether it led to an altercation.

Nuggets coach George Karl questioned Howard’s motives.

“I thought [Howard] went intentionally to endanger [Faried],” Karl said. “It looked like [Faried] was pretty stunned after that and I thought it was a good call from where I was.”

Meanwhile, Faried believed Howard’s foul reflected his overall frustration after posting only 15 points on 4-of-6 shooting and seven rebounds. Meanwhile, Faried’s 21 points on 9-of-13 shooting and 15 rebounds far exceeded the Lakers’ energy.

“He was just mad,” Faried said of Howard. “I was getting in his head and he couldn’t get the rebound. He wanted to, but I kept calling every rebound. It’s not like I said anything, or talked to him. I just play.”


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  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Dwight Howard needs to man up and bring it EVERYNIGHT. Instead of pointing the finger on every opponent made basket, he should do his best to stop someone and grab the rebound instead of getting outplayed by every player with even semi decent talent. The only time he has good games is against inferior competition. I’m calling you out Dwight Howard. Earn ur keep. That’s how it is in Los Angeles. It’s ain’t Orlando bro. We win and bring it EVERYNIGHT.

  • Mhayes

    In my opinion Howard just doesn’t seem to want to take responsibility for anything he does except when it reflects well upon him. That’s not being a leader to keep it frank. Howard wants to follow and yet gain all the accolades when things go well while deflecting to others weaknesses when things go bad. It’s time to man up Howard and take the responsibility all on your 6’11” shoulders because that just what leaders do – period!

  • Buddy

    I don’t get it. The team is packed with highly paid All Stars. Despite this, it is a disaster if one guy gets hurt. Or the “reason” they lost in Denver, was Howard’s ejection. Yet other teams, who are less packed with talent, are doing better in every way. The actually play defense and actually appear to run plays. The Lakers look like a highly paid pickup team. The reason for this has to be the coaching. If the attitudes of players are bad, sorry but the coach should be managing this. If he can’t, he is a bad coach. So who cares what the latest player issue is? And who cares what Howard thinks? This team will go nowhere, mostly because they hired the wrong coach. The Clippers are more fun to watch

  • G

    this laker team sucks..they play NO defense.

  • Tommygunn

    Its a bad call thats all I have to say. A technical foul. As for kobe saying it was the “right call” your suppose to back your teamate up. Kobe if u were in howards shoes everything would b different kobe needs tobe a better teamate peroid.

  • Joey Golden

    Ok, so Howard fouled this guy, probably out of frustration and he is paying his due’s, so why hasnt the league fined Wade for his kick to the private area on Ramon Sessions!!! if that wasnt obvious!! Oh we ,wouldnt want to upset or mess with the Heat, might upset the King!!! Wade is a thug! i used to think he was a good guy , with some class, but he has showed his colors by joining with James and Bosh, two other, thugs! Yeah they are winning and i would hope so! still dont like how James treated the Cleveland team! and show boated himself ! Never in sports should that be allowed again. Your never above the system, do the right things.