Metta World Peace downplays shooting slump

CHARLOTTE — For someone who has thrived on remaining unpredictable, Metta World Peace has surprisingly become a source of consistency.

Until now.

For the past eight games, World Peace has shot a combined 30 of 101 from the field (28.7 percent). That’s a far cry from his relatively better 40 percent mark clip.

“The main thing is for you to shoot,” said World Peace, who scored 11 points on 5 of 14 shooting against Charlotte. “When the ball goes into the rim and it wobbles out, you really can’t say nothing about those. When the ball hits the back of the rim, as a shooter that’s an easy adjustment. When you get the next two, most likely the next look will go in. It will average out. It’ll come back around and shots will start falling.”

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni has one theory why that hasn’t happened lately, and it had nothing to do with taking bad shots. Quite the opposite.

“He’s hesitating on some,” D’Antoni said. “That’s what happens when they’re not filling it. We’re at that stage right now.”

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