Ronny Turiaf tries to surpass Kobe Bryant by jumping over ‘truck’

No one’s ever going to mistake the disparate talent levels between Kobe Bryant and Ronny Turiaf on the basketball court.

Bryant has cemented himself as one of the greatest Lakers ever. Turiaf has cemented himself as the consummate glue guy and positive locker room presence, including four seasons with the Lakers (2005-08).

But as far as jumping ability, Turiaf set out to prove that he’s better than Bryant. Five years after Bryant leaping over a speeding Ashton Martin to promote his Nike’s Hyperdunk shoe, Turiaf attempted to top that by leaping over a monster truck.

Well, kind of.

In a spoof released on Youtube via SportsNationESPN, Turiaf successfully performed the stunt. But Turiaf simply jumped over a small toy truck. The feat didn’t require special effects in the same way Bryant’s miraculous leap over a speeding car did.


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