Steve Nash participates in shooting drills after morning shootaround

Two significant pieces to the Lakers’ roster took part in morning shootaround, but the team will have to wait before Steve Nash and Steve Blake actually return in a game.

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni estimated Nash remains two weeks away after completing some shooting drills Sunday with video coordinator Tom Bialaszewski. Blake is considered four weeks away from returning after continued shooting left handed while nursing a brace to support his hyperextended right elbow. Nash has stayed sidelined for the past 22 games because of nerve issues in his back, while Blake has missed the last nine contests because of his elbow issue.

The latest progression has involved Blake running, while Nash has gone to Vancouver with his personal trainer Rick Celebrini during the Lakers’ recent trips.

“He feels better,” D’Antoni said of Nash. “It’s a big rock and he’s pushing ahead.”

There was hardly much news the Lakers had to offer for their injured point guards. But D’Antoni’s injury report involved a stream-of-consciousness analysis.

This begins with the scene of D’Antoni being informed that Nash was shooting.

“I saw that,” D’Antoni said. “Is he over there? Where is he?”

D’Antoni then turned over his left shoulder to see Nash shoot behind him.

“There’s no update,” D’Antoni said. “It looks kind of odd seeing him over there. I don’t know what he’s doing. It’s some Canadian stuff that he does.”

Nash was actually just shooting. Jumpers from the elbows, free throw line and behind the perimeter. Most of them went in the basket.

“That’s going to happen,” D’Antoni said. “There’s no update other than what we already know. A couple of weeks, he’ll be reevaluated.”

How about Blake?

D’Antoni then turned to his right to see Blake shooting left-handed while nursing a shaved head.

“Nice haircut,” D’Antoni said. “Damn, did he have to pay for that. He definitely had to pay a bet.”

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  • John

    Love the lakers, but Nash needs to retire

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t think the rest of his teammates would agree. They want him back on the court.

      • Delafontain

        W R O N G…

        • hookedonnews

          You don’t think they would like to have a PG like him back on the court, especially with Henry out with a bad knee? You can’t expect to win a lot of games with only one true PG playing.

          • Delafontain

            @ hookedonnews

            All I know for sure is this. Nash is absolutely done with his career. Write my words. Around the All-Star break, he will decide to take medical retirement. Steve was one of the best PG, who has ever played this game, but the one, who wear gold & purple uniform at this moment, has nothing to do with his old self. Nash can no longer stay healthy and help this team. And in the tanking mode, which are the Lakers now, it really does not matter if you have a PG or not. Anyway, you are going to loss.

  • Nasim

    Please retire, Mr. Nash!

  • Jojob

    I don’t think I would retire if I was in his sneakers. Not just yet.
    You want to go out playing at the end of your career.
    Surely he’s done anyway at the end of this contract.
    I’d want to go all out to try to rehab and have one more decent season (2014-15) before hanging it up. Walking away from something that’s been your whole life is tough.

    BESIDES, his expiring contract might be useful in giving the Lakers some cap space for the 2015 free agency period.

  • Delafontain

    Nash? Is he still alive? I thought, he has retired already.