Epicenter 09 random audience notes

When members of the U.S. Army would shoot out T-shirts (they used a gun-like device to do this), people would look them over and throw them at other audience members.

The shirts, which were black with yellow writing, did not appear to be a big favorite of people who received them (especially at the Aesop Rock set).

A large portion of the fans here are wearing black Tool T-shirts, but there has also been a decent amount of Linkin Park shirts and a few Alice In Chains and Hollywood Undead shirts.

I have not witnessed any fights, unlike other concerts I’ve been to, but the Fairplex doesn’t appear to me to be as packed as it could be. I noticed alcohol sales will stop at 10 p.m. (and Tool goes on at 9:30 p.m.) Fans seem to have room to spread out on the ground with blankets and move around.  

The vendor Matt Helkenn, who I talked to as he managed the vendor booth theendtimes, said his T-shirt company had lot of products with semi-offensive language. Helkenn said he was pleased with the amount of people at the event earlier in the afternoon. Helkenn, from San Diego, said he wanted to see Tool.