Tool singer injured but still performed at Epicenter

Tool singer Maynard James Keenan was forced to sing from the sidelines from an injury before the show he apologized for that caused him to hobble on the stage with crutches.
Keenan joked about the injury at various points, saying he needed to perform so fans could “get drunk and run into each other.”
I could not even see Keenan for most of the show, but you could definitely feel his powerful vocals along with the male fans singing along word for word. Most of the crowd at Epicenter appeared to be wearing black shirts with the band’s name on them.

The group started with “Jambi” and went into favorites like “Forty-Six & 2” and “Schism” besides a multitude of other songs while multi-colored patterns or odd images like half man half animal creatures were on screens on each side of the stage.
Tool’s set also had a well-choreographed laser light show that mixed in striking greens, reds, pinks, smoke machines and spotlights.