Faith No More at Coachella on Saturday, the XX, MGMT

Faith No More was my favorite at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday and the one act I watched the entire set.

After starting with the class soul of “Reunited” and going through as much of their catalogue as they could in 45 minutes, you could tell singer Mike Morris, who wore all read for the performance, was not happy with the band’s reception from the fans.

“I know we look (age) 80 but you look confused out here,” Morris told the crowd at one point, I believe after the song “Last Cup of Sorrow.”

Coachella can be hit and miss with heavier rock acts … I remember Mastodon’s performance from last year and their tent was not full. The band also had to compete with Hot Chip, who were performing at the outdoor theatre.

Multiple acts you want to see performing at the same time is my biggest issue with Coachella but that’s a great problem to have.

Anyway, the crowd went home happy after Faith No More performed their second to last song and their biggest hit “Epic.”

Nonetheless, the band’s sound has aged well and each musician was punishing on their instruments, especially drummer Mike Bordin and bassist Billy Gould. Hopefully there will be more dates to see them.

As far as Hot Chip, they also gave a great sounding set and threw in their newest single “One Life Stand” relatively early in the set. People love to dance to Hot Chip, obviously, and Coachella audiences are no different. I couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked for them but their sound is polished and effective.

the XX definitely stood out Saturday. Outside of MGMT, their crowd was the largest at the outdoor theatre on Saturday and should definitely be considered for the main stage (like MGMT).

The crowd for the XX, considered an indie rock band, was so large it carried over to the nearby Gobi tent.

Members Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith’s dark, brooding yet rhytmic instrumentals appeared to hypnotize the audience to dance or simply nod their head to songs like “Crystalised,” “Basic Space” and more.

My biggest complaint about their set, and it’s not with the band, was with the camera operator. The camera would shoot a wide angle on the band and a close up on the audience, with usually the same audience member. I began to think this woman in a striped shirt who kept dancing was part of the xx it got so ridiculous.

Also strong was MGMT despite an almost inaudible sound coming from the group the further back you sat.

The problem was fixed but it was noticable depending on where you were in the audience and their audience was massive. This had to be one of the largest groups I’ve seen for the outdoor theatre (like the XX) but it seemed worse … you couldn’t really move because of the crowd and they definitely need to be on the Coachella stage the next time they come back.

They went through hits like “Flash Delirium,” “Time to Pretend” and more (I didn’t actually hear “Kids” but I left their set because of the sheer amount of people who showed up) but unfortunately for them when Muse started at 9:35 (MGMT was supposed to finish at 9:40) much of their audience took off running toward the nearby Coachella stage.