So long, Rams, Raiders, Chargers. Hello L.A. Dons, Diablos, Conquistadors

Sorry, the Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Raiders just don’t do it for me.

The Los Angeles Conquistadors, Los Angeles Dons and Los Angeles Diablos, on the other hand?

I’d sign up for that in a heartbeat.

It’s time for Los Angeles to create it’s own NFL history.

That means new team names. New logos. New color schemes.

Brand new everything.

The NFL seems intent on returning to Los Angeles, probably in time for the 2016 season.

The Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers or St. Louis Rams are the most likely to relocate.

Maybe even two of them.

After not having the NFL for 20 long years, all of a sudden three teams are beating down our doors to move here.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke recently partnered with a land developer to build an 80,000-seat stadium on the site of the old Hollywood Park race track.

The Chargers and Raiders, each embroiled in long-time fights to build new stadiums in San Diego and Oakland, responded by joining forces to build their own stadium in Carson.

It sets up a fascinating race in which three teams will simultaneously try to secure new homes in their current cities or set up Los Angeles as a landing spot.

When the dust settles, someone will be calling Los Angeles home.

Finally, it looks like the second-biggest market in the country will get professional football back.

It’s about time.

But if we’re going to re-open our hearts and wallets to the NFL again in the form of PSL’s and season tickets and merchandise, and if our Hollywood star power and extensive array of business leaders are being asked to fork over millions upon millions of dollars in naming rights and cooperate sponsorships and signage and advertising and luxury suites, it’s only right we get something in return.

Goodbye, Raiders, Rams and Chargers.

Hello Conquistadors, Dons and Diablos.

New era. New teams. New history.

I don’t want anyone’s retreads.

I don’t need to be constantly reminded about the two teams that broke L.A.’s hearts 20 years ago, only to come crawling back asking for forgiveness after they couldn’t hack it elsewhere.

I want something new. I want something we can all get behind. I want a team or teams all of Los Angeles can rally around.

Why shove someone else’s history and color schemes and heartbreak and anger and angry karma on us?

When we can simply re-boot and re-brand with a new team we can all call our own?

Without the baggage. Without the reminders.

Don’t get me wrong, no matter who end up in Los Angeles it’s almost guaranteed they’ll be welcomed with open arms.

More than 17 million people reside in the greater Los Angeles area, and we’re the home to an incredible amount of financial might and resourcefulness.

There will be more than enough support financially and in ticket sales.

But something will be missing.

It’s the sense and belief the team or teams truly belong to us.

I’ll always associate the Chargers with San Diego.

Every time I see the silver and black of the Raiders, I will think about their long history in the Bay Area.

And even though the Rams played early 50 years in Los Angeles, I’ll never get over them jilting us 20 years ago for St. Louis and winning a Super Bowl as Missouri residents rather than California.

Sure, I’ll support them if they return as is.

But it will never feel quite right.

We deserve a new team with a fresh, sleek look and name that embodies the history and culture of Los Angeles.

We deserve a new franchise all of us can open our arms to, not just some of us.