Would Chargers consider re-branding upon moving to L.A.?

The Qualcomm Stadium home of the San Diego Chargers was taken over by Raiders fans on Sunday, the result of Southern California Raiders fans making a bold statement to the National Football League that the Silver and Black will be well supported should they be approved for relocation to Los Angeles.

It was a powerful reminder just how popular the Raiders are in Southern California, and perhaps a prediction of the loud, immediate bang they’ll make if they move back to L.A.

Ironically, it came at the expense of the Chargers, who the Raiders have partnered with to build a privately funded stadium in Carson.

And it might be cause for the Chargers to consider taking a dramatic step to better guarantee they’ll be successful in Los Angeles.

One that will grant them and their new city the rare chance to create history together.

And who knows, maybe even strengthen their case for L.A. relocation approval.

But more on that in a bit.

The Raiders and Chargers are in a fight with the St. Louis Rams to claim two open spots in Los Angeles, with the Rams eying their own stadium project in Inglewood.

The NFL’s 32 owners are expected to decide the matter in January.

By league rule, the winning team/site requires 24 yes votes.

Fellow owners will take everything into account before making one of the most important decisions in league history, among them how well they believe each each team will be received upon entering the Los Angeles market.

Which brings us back to Sunday in San Diego, where Raiders fans made it clear the Silver and Black will be just fine.

Their deep roots in L.A. – they played here from 1982 to 1994 – and the wide-spread Raiders Nation throughout California pretty much guarantees it.

Based on some texts messages I received during the game, it’s obvious league officials took notice of what happened.

On the flip side, it was impossible not to notice how easily Qualcomm Stadium got taken over by another team’s fans.

Granted, it’s a fairly usual occurrence in San Diego, as some Chargers season ticket holders commonly sell a portion of their seats to the most popular games to help them afford to rest of the season.

But considering the current circumstances, it makes you wonder how well the Chargers will be embraced in L.A.

For the record, with 21 million people in the greater Los Angeles region and capable front office people in place to reach out to them, I frankly don’t think the Chargers will have any trouble building and holding onto a fan base over the long haul.

But it would be naive to think Chargers owner Dean Spanos and his staff aren’t debating ways to insure they hit the ground hard the moment they step foot in Los Angeles.

Those conversations have stirred plenty of interesting ideas.

Here is one they have to consider: A complete franchise makeover.

Announce to Los Angeles you are arriving in Tinseltown a clean canvas, that you are leaving the Chargers colors and logo in San Diego.

Invite fans to jump aboard a brand new franchise, literally at ground zero.

Inter-actively allow them to help pick the name, logo and color schemes.

The Dons or Conquistadors or Vaqueros, perhaps.

You want to be L.A.’s team?

Then cast a net wide enough to capture the interest and imagination of everyone, and let them help you create your new identity.

It’s been 20 years since Los Angeles had a team to root for, but even longer since we had a team that was actually born here.

Ironically that was the Chargers, who spent their first year of existence in 1960 playing at the L.A. Coliseum.

And while it would be cool to re-introduce Los Angeles to it’s long-buried relationship with the Chargers – I’ve heard they will go back to their original L.A. Chargers uniforms if they stay as is – it would be even cooler to give Los Angeles the chance to give birth to its own football team.

The Rams arrived here from Cleveland in 1946. The Raiders from Oakland in 1982. Both would make a seamless transition back to Los Angeles.

The Chargers would be the second team in town no matter who they partner with.

That’s not a bad thing, necessarily.
But by doing something bold and unique, they might just give themselves a chance to be No.1.

It’s rare when anyone gets the chance create history. But the Chargers and Los Angeles might just get that opportunity.

Take advantage of it. Embrace it. Have fun with it.

Not only will it help reel in the current Los Angeles resident who doesn’t have a specific team rooting interest, it might also motivate fans who currently support out-of-area teams to switch alliance.

I can’t see a New York Giants or Minnesota Vikings or Buffalo Bills fan living in L.A. jumping ship to the Chargers or Rams or Raiders.

But I could see them switch rooting interest if the choice was brand new team.

That’s exactly what happened when the Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens.

And it could happen here, too.

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    We really don’t care what happens to the other team. But I’m guessing that means we’re staying in the AFC. {{-_-}}

    • Dan78

      Raiders run So Cal…..

      • That we do. {{-_-}}

        • Dan78

          They hate us down here but we one nation…..

        • Dan78

          Shout out for representing the LA Raider fans in sandy eggo……

  • Brian Gochezzi

    LA Raiders in 16!

  • GeneWilderSTL

    I wouldn’t re-brand the Chargers. I would however give them the NFC West, and that SF-LA rivalry. I think that would suffice.

    The big issue on the table needs to be re-alignment.

    If I’d re-brand any team, it would be the Raiders as the “California Raiders”. Super Bowls in LA and Oakland, back to Oakland twice and returning to LA a second time. It’s as shared a team as there is in the NFL and a fanbase that travels well throughout California. Leaving them as the lone California team in the AFC West would help as well.

    Three little moves could go a long way. The LA Chargers to the NFC West. The St. Louis Rams to the AFC South. And the Houston Texans to the AFC West.

    The AFC West would have a Raiders-Texans, Cali-Texas mega market rivalry. The Chargers would get the SF-LA rivalry. And the St. Louis Rams would be in a better regional division with Indianapolis and Nashville less than 4.5 hours away.

    • LAsportsfan

      It will never happen (little chance what you said happens)

      • GeneWilderSTL

        but it should happen, it’s the best scenario presented

        • LAsportsfan

          No it won’t

        • LAsportsfan

          There is no chance what you said it happens (multitude of reasons why), you’re just a St. Louis fan desperately hoping the Rams should stay and forgetting the Rams are Los Angeles bound.

          • GeneWilderSTL

            Rams to LA doesn’t remedy the problems for the Chargers and Raiders. Carson is the California solution to a California problem. Re-alignment would go a step further in helping the Chargers make greater inroads into the LA market. Rams to the AFC South would give St. Louis regional rivalries and maybe even rid itself of people like you.

          • LAsportsfan

            Again none of this of what you said will happen, you’re nothing but a St. Louis fan desperately hoping the Rams stay and unfortunately at this point, the NFL won’t screw traditional rivalries so that’s unlikely to happen.

          • Robert Campbell

            I guess you missed the big news today: Stan Kroenke just bought 200 acres of land in suburban St. Louis AND Inglewood Mayor Butts is officially no longer commenting on anything to do with Kroenke’s 60 acres in Inglewood.

            Even an idiot knows what these two simultaneous events today means!

          • LAsportsfan

            Actually it was Kroenke’s partner that bought 200 acres of land in suburban St. Louis and it has nothing to do with a stadium.

  • LAsportsfan

    As a Rams fan if the Chargers move to Los Angeles they should change their name to the Los Angeles Stars because the Chargers won’t succeed here and Los Angeles is associated with Hollywood and movie stars.

    • Marc

      Good luck getting that past Jerry Jones.

    • Chris Barbieri

      Stars sounds too gimmicky, and besides, there’s already a team in pro sports with that name, the Dallas Stars.

      It’s annoying enough that there’s already two teams called the Cardinals, Kings, Giants, and Jets.

      Knowing people these days, they’d probably butcher the renaming/rebranding by naming them after the state bird, or some other obscure indigenous animal, or period/event in California history.

  • Marc

    Please, oh please let people vote on their new name and colors. Raider Nation will dominate the voting and they will end up being called the Dolts and wearing powder blue and pink.

  • LAFan101

    Keep the Raiders out of L.A. Their trashy fans were on display at Qualcomm. The NFL owners are getting a good look at what a disaster it would be to move them back here. Good thing is that there is little chance of that happening.

  • FU 4U2C

    YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. REBRAND THEM. WTH IS A CHARGER. Look up their name origins and find out. LAKERS, DODGERS, CLIPPERS… Come on.. We need a L.A. Homegrown NFL team.

    • Chris Barbieri

      A Charger is a war horse. That’s why some of their merchandise has an image of a horse and a shield with a lightning bolt on it. Of the three NFL teams in question, and all of the other teams you mentioned, the Chargers are the only team whose roots began in LA, so in a way, your wish for a “homegrown” team has already been granted. Should the Chargers return, you could say it’s a homecoming.

      I say keep them the Chargers. It’s a cool sounding name that goes back 56 years, and I bet those powder blue jerseys that everyone seems to love would sell like hotcakes.

  • GeneWilderSTL

    watching these townhalls, if the raiders and chargers leave because they can’t get stadiums built at the moment, despite more time at it than St. Louis (and we’re likely weeks away from a 2nd stadium in 25 years), if the Raiders and Chargers leave – both teams should re-brand leaving the Chargers and Raiders to return to San Diego and Oakland much the same the Browns returned to Cleveland.

    Keep The Rams in St. Louis – we’re 1st and goal. We’re doing what the NFL has asked.

    • Chris Barbieri

      Rebrand the Chargers and Raiders? Why? For one thing, neither San Diego or Oakland are Cleveland. Neither has quite the ties to their community the way the Browns do Cleveland, or pretty much any of the other older teams in the midwest and northeast.

      Aside for the 1960s, a few years in the early 1980s, and the underachieving 2000s with Shottenheimer and Turner, the Chargers don’t have the storied past that the Browns have. Many San Diegans are either transplants, or have ties to other cities, and therefore root for many different teams. With that said, I don’t think that San Diego as a whole would be as distraught if the Chargers left as Cleveland was when they lost their Browns.

      With the Raiders, any association with where they play would be even less significant. The Raiders have already moved twice in their history, and have diehard fans all over the country who would root for them no matter where they play. The Raiders could literally move to St. Louis or Louisville, and they’d be greeted in their new home by large mobs of lifelong Raiders fans from all over the midwest and southern U.S. all decked out in black and silver there rolling out the welcome matt for them by the first day of training camp.

      The Raiders are more of a cultural phenomenon than any other team in the league. I, like most Raiders fans in the eastern half of the have no ties whatsoever to California, and yet still love the Raiders.

  • Chris Barbieri

    No way!! Chargers is one of the best names in the league, and this is coming from someone who has been a Raiders fan for 25 years.

    Like Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos, Chargers is a classic name thats roots go all the way back to the founding of the AFL in 1960. Besides, LA Chargers has a nice ring to it, and LA is also where they originally started.

    Besides, I don’t think people these days could come up with something better than Chargers. Just look at the names of all of the expansion and relocation team names over the last 20+ years. Since then, we’ve been introduced to such names as Ravens, Avalanche, Blue Jackets, Devil Rays, Thrashers, Wild, Coyotes, and Diamondbacks.

  • daniel weber

    Chargers should re-brand and start fresh… My take is this…
    L A Stealth
    Charcoal gray uni’s
    Lock n Load Nuff said !!!!!