Video: Rams rely on L.A. history with “Coming Home” video

Hey L.A., do you remember these guys?

The Rams provided a quick refresher with the video above in case you had forgotten– though chances are you hadn’t. The team also unveiled their new logo at a press conference at The Forum in Inglewood today.
Rams EVP of Football Operations Kevin Demoff told The Beast 980 earlier in the week the uniform will remain for this season but that the colors might change by the time they kickoff at the new stadium. That should be welcomed news to all Rams fans, especially former QB Roman Gabriel who called their current uniform “clown colors.”

“I can feel for the fans in St. Louis, but I’m glad to see the Rams back,” he told the Long Beach Press-Telegram. “Now all we got to do is change those clown uniforms to blue and white.”

Demoff said the traditional uniforms could make an appearance as a throwback in the future.

“NFL uniform policy takes two years to actually change uniforms,” he told Bill Plaschke and Jeanne Zelasko. “Our expectation is that we will do a overhaul of the design and uniforms for the new stadium, at that time there is a chance the blue and white could come back as part of the throwback package. It’s something we’re thinking about. I wouldn’t be surprise to see the blue and white comeback at some point.”

A look back at Jan. 12, 2016 – The day the Rams returned to L.A.

ThCYlVeuKUoAApmGz.jpg largee day began with such promise for Inglewood and Rams fans. But the tide quickly turned on Stan Kroenke and Co.

Was it a negotiation tactic? Political maneuvering? Who knows. Better yet, who cares?

Before the day would end, the NFL owners would approve 30-2 to move the Rams back to L.A. That’s not all– the Chargers might be coming as well. Reaction to this news quickly spread through social media. Sports columnist across the country also chimed in. Politicians got in on the mix as well. Of course, not everyone was excited with the move.

LA Rams fans did not care what those people were saying. They gathered at Hollywood Park and wore their vintage gear to celebrate. The fact their new team is not a good one, doesn’t take away from their day of jubilee.

Their NFL drought is over. The Rams are back in L.A.

Video: Kiefer Sutherland-narrated NFL to L.A. video, in all it’s glory

Huge h/t to our very own David Crane for posting this fantastic video on his tout page.


Undated architectural shows the Peristyle Club and Patio section of the proposed $1.7-billion NFL stadium in Carson, Calif. (MANICA Architecture)

The video is pretty amazing– Did we mention already it features Kiefer Sutherland? It’s been featured already by SB Nation, CBS Sports, Curbed L.A. and Bro Bible, among others. They’ve made all of the jokes and poignant observations that need to be made, so we will just let their work stand. If you haven’t done so already, watch the video. If you already saw it, watch it again. It’s just as great the second time.

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