Will Smith

“It was about sex and stuff. Coz I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m goin’ raunchy with it,” Smith says backstage, referring to a song? Not sure. A movie? Not sure? A trip to the bank? Maybe. Looking like a millions bucks, Smith blathers on about his pal Curtis Jackson, a rapper who we can’t bring ourselves to call 50 Cent. “He’s brilliant. We talk for hours and hours.”
Smith announces that “rap music in general is in a renaissance period.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

He drops names: “Pac, Fifty…the artistry of the genre.” OK, great. Is there any more pasta?
Sell and plug, sell and plug. He’s eating up the attention. We’re just eating.

2 thoughts on “Will Smith

  1. Will Smith? Pop Rock Award? There are at least THREE things wrong with this: 1) His music does not belong to this category. 2) Did he have an album out? 3) He’s not that good anyway.

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