The Voice of Independent Artistry

Queen Latifah — former host of The Independent Spirit Awards, celebrating cutting-edge, low-budget filmmaking (not to mention, although I’m about to, a former Grammy host) and onetime political firebrand — is now the spokeswoman for big-box discounters Wal-Mart, whose public-relations woes are fairly well documented at this point (which is why Inglewood voted a while back to keep it out). In one spot, she fairly bullies a “friend” into using the Wal-Mart gift-card she gave said friend to buy one of her crummy movies on DVD (probably “Taxi,” though I must confess to not paying great gobs of attention to TV commercials). Now that’s the Independent Spirit. Wal-Mart declines to sell even mainstream books, DVDs and CDs it deems controversial. Wonder how many Independent Spirit winners (not to mention nominees) are available in Wal-Mart’s DVD bins?

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