Interest SAGs…

How come they give Supporting Actor Actors? for films but not for TV? How come they give out Actors? for comedy and drama for TV but not for movies? Why ape, sort of, the formats of other trophy shows? Why not strike out boldly on their own? Dont they want to hand out as many of these things as possible, like at the Emmys, where theres about a couple dozen acting categories? These people shouldnt rest until everyone in SAG has a SAG award.
Paul Giamatti was named Best Supporting Actor for Cinderella Man,? which seems a makegood for snubbing him last year for Sideways.? Giamatti insightfully reflects, Being an actor is a hell of a thing. A hell of a thing. Its up and down; its great.? He then thanks everyone with whom he ever ate a donut. Honest. People are running out of people to thank, it seems.
And now, the requisite montage of dead people. Do they do that at the Pulitzers? The Nobel Peace Prizes? Just wondering.

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