SAG Award blog entry without a lame “SAG” pun

“Desperate Housewives”‘ Felicity Huffman won the SAG for Best Actress/Comedy; she also won the Emmy for same last September. (Mary Louise-Parker won the Globe in the same category, competing against four “Housewives” nominees; Huffman was the only housewife nominated here, thereby not dividing voters.) She said she’s happy she’s an actor because “I was never very good at math.” Last I checked, there are a lot of jobs out there that don’t require math skills, but maybe they’ve all been outsourced overseas.
Huh? Sean Hayes won his third Best Actor/Comedy for “Will & Grace,” which is quite reasonably calling it quits after this season. (Jason Lee, who probably should’ve won, was a no-show because he has chickenpox.) “I would like to thank Ang Lee for taking a chance on me,” Hayes says of “Brokeback Mountain’s” director. “Everyone in Hollywood knows it’s such a risk to play a gay character.”
Ensemble/Comedy Series goes, for the second time, to “Desperate Housewives.” The ensemble trophy is kind of like SAG’s Best Series award. You know, these acceptance speeches are kind of no more than mutual admiration societies — The award is saying, “Thank you for such sterling acting,” and the acceptance speech is, “No, thank YOU for honoring such sterling acting,” ad nauseum.

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