Oscars: Clooney and chili

Like most guys from Cincinnati, George Clooney likes his hometown’s chili,
a weird brew with mealy ground beef and a zing derived from — get this — cinnamon. I admit I like it too, having eaten my share of Skyline Chili as a University of Cincinnati student. So back in 2000, when he gave me an exceptionally good interview a few days before his live television production of “Fail Safe,” I thought it was appropriate for me to send him a little gift — a couple of packets of Cincinnati chili seasoning. I reminded him of it Monday…

… at the Oscar nominees’ luncheon where he was savoring three nominations for “Good Night, and Good Luck” and “Syriana.”
“Yeah!” he said with a laugh. “I want to thank you for my clean colon!” No problem, George.

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