Oscars: Drivel redux

And now we get to see the same people we just watched get grilled by Ebert and Pennacchio get asked pretty much the same dumb questions by a different round of people.

Co-host Vanessa Minnillo declares, I can tell you theres nothing in the world like the excitement of Oscar night.? Well, maybe for her. I can think of plenty of things more exciting than dressing up in really uncomfortable clothing and getting asked silly questions by TV personalities.

Over on E!, an announcer orders us to Look at Jessica Alba so regal.” He adds, “That almost depresses me, her skin is so perfect.?

Issac Mizrahi interviews “Brokeback Mountain” director Ang Lee and is interested in the guy’s travel plans: “When do you fly out? How are you going to get the Oscar back to New York? Im a little nervous about the metal detector.”

Now, they’re speculating as to whether Sandra Bullock is pregnant and discussing how much publicists get paid. Geez, these guys are making ABC’s brain trust look like rocket scientists.

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