Oscars: Backlash to the backlash

Honestly, this wasnt unforeseen: A bunch of people are really hacked off that Crash? beat Brokeback Mountain? for the Best Picture Oscar. Guess thats why they call it an upset.?

A reader clued me into this, which offers a good overview of the controversy, wondering if Hollywood is as progressive as George Clooney proclaimed it to be and (inevitably) raising questions regarding lingering strains of homophobia in the industry:

another step toward irrelevance?

And then, there are the folks who just thought Crash? was somewhere between undeserving of Hollywoods highest honor and an unrelentingly overheated cheesefest. Heres just one of many items from defamer.com, which in its live-blogging of the ceremony, concluded, WORST. OSCARS. EVER.?:

Oscar hangover

If you agree and havent checked it out yet, defamer.com has plenty of amusing barbs blowtorching Crash.?

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