Backstage w/Jamie Foxx….

With an AMA to go akong with his Oscar, Golden Globe and God knows what other wards, an upbeat Jamie Foxx came backstage in the mood to chat. “The music is really what I hold close to my heart.” Then he was asked about former “Seinfeld” star Michael Richards racist rant last weekend at a comedy ckub in LA: “Don’t EVEN ruin my vibe right now,” Jamie said.
But, he continued: “I would’ve gone on stage, taken the mic from him to say, ‘You need to take a nap because there’s something going on insiide of you…It’s sad to see something see something so ugly come out like that.”
Foxx co-stars in the upcoming film version of “Dreamgirls” and is enthused about co-stars Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and especially Eddie Murphy.
“Eddie Murphy ios back! E, where you been? He’s been with animals and bears in kids movies and now he’s back with the grown-ups and he’s dangerous again!”

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