Meeting Jesse McCartney

I’m not completely out of it. I know who Paul McCartney. But Jessie MaCartney? Never. He just walked into the press tent and looks, at the most, maybe 12. Wearing a black suit, purple tie and white tennis shoes, the frist question he was asked was about…Britney Spears! “She looked great!” he said of the soon-to-be divorced mother of two. “She got back on the horse in my opinion.” Personally, I think she’s an ongoing episode of the Jerry Springer Show.
Anyway, back to Jessie. He sez he’s gonna make another film (he made a first one?) and is looking forward to his next record which hye promises “is a fun record. It’s got a little more edge to it. I’m very excited about it.”
I just don’t know how he finds the time to make records, movies AND do his 8th-grade Algebra homework!

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