Rapper Akon is a busy guy!

Akon just came back here and talked our ears off. Where have I been? What am I doing backstage at the American Music Awards? I have never heard of Akon. But I kept listening to him talk hoping that the more he talked, something would click. But, nope. No idea.
But, as a working journalist with a press badge around his neck, I took some notes and this is what I know: He has the number one and two top selling CDs on the Billboard charts, he has produced for Gwen Stefani and scores of others. He started talking about Michael Jackson and I think he’s gonna work with the former King of Pop on something.
Anyway, Akon told us about the inspiration for his songs: “I was incarcerated and I write a lot, a lot of records. All the experiences I went through in my life, I wrote about them so when I got out, I’d start with a clean slate. Part of that slate includes a movie ab about his life he’d like to produce and direct and call “Illegal Alien.”

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