Greetings from backstage at the Emmys!

Well, actually, I’m in a big tent. But it’s pretty fancy and the winners are gonna co me back here and chat us up once they’re through with all those pesky TV folks like “ET” and “Access Hollywood.” I mean, how do we print/online peeps compete when those show have sofas, champagne, photo booths etc, By the time they get to us back here, they’re probably gonna be drunk!
Now THAT would make news.
Just wanted to say hello. I was not given a red carpet pass so I can’t wander around looking at the TV reporters and deliver catty remarks like I usually do (meow). Them’s the breaks. I’m just a tent dude I guess. But they’ve provided us with all kinds of snacks and drinks and we will be fed with real food soon.
I have also been pronised admittance to the Governor’s Ball so it should be a wild and crazy night.

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