More Emmy arrivals…Jon Stewart, Edie Falco, Marcia Cross, Helen Mirren and more…

I can’t spell her damned name but I’ll try: Jane Kracowski who used to be on “Ally McBeal” then won a Tony for “Nine” and is now on “30 Rock,” She looks like something from the 70s and it was intentional: “I was going for a Jerry Hall, 70s Studio 54 look.”
She succeeded.

Queen Helen Mirren, who I just love, is up for another Emmy for “Prime Suspect.” She won the Emmy last year for “Elizabeth” then won the Oscar and the SAG Award and the Golden Globe etc for “The Queen.” She says after the greatest year of her life, this Emmy nod is “a nice cherry on top of the cake.”
Mirren may be riding an unprecedented career high but she keeps her perspective: “You never get blase but you realize your career and work is made up of ups and downs, you go with the flow a little bit when you’re older.”

Hugh Laurie, nominated for “House,” was asked by Mark Steines who he brought to the Emmys. His answer surprised me: “I’m tragically alone…”

Marcia Cross looks dazzling and doing a red carpet interview is far different from a year ago when she says she was at home, very p;regnant with twins, cooking spaghetti. She and her hubby got married less than a year before the babies were born and have never really had a honeymoon: “When they start sleeping through the night, the honeymoon will start.”

Jon Stewart was asked if he had any advice for Emmy show host Ryan Seacrest: “Don’t drink so much., still have to stand.”

Funny quote: “This is the first time I’ve ever been early to the Emmys…I was lower maintenance this year,’ Eva Longoria said, after missing the red carpet for two years in a row.

Edie Falco says she hasn’t prepared a speech and will miss her TV kids then she added: I’m so happy I haven’t fallen off my shoes.”

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