This was no ‘light rain’

Today’s rain was steady and heavy at times, at least in the San Gabriel Valley.

Yet, I kept hearing about how “light rain” was falling whenever I listened to reports from those LA-based weathermen or LA-based radio reporters from KFWB and KNX newsradio. Seems like the SGV never gets the full story, especially when there is precipitation involved.

I saw the damage the “light rain” did to the streets. It took out the right lane this morning along Live Oak Avenue in Irwindale from Peck Road east to Arrow Highway. The flooding continued all the way to Speedway Drive, past the Irwindale Speedway.

This afternoon, the rain was heavy once again. It closed the right lane of Citrus Avenue and knocked out the traffic light at Citrus and Alosta avenues.

This is a shot of the rain from my backyard patio in Temple City, taken around 8:30 a.m. It was heavy then (and actually, the heaviest rainfall began a little earlier, said my wife.

820-rain pix 3.jpg
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4,542 thoughts on “This was no ‘light rain’

  1. Aside from the heavy rain, that did cause some damage in my city of Whittier — I always love how much of a phenomenon rain is to the average citizen of Southern California. I love rain, but don’t love the people who drive in front of me at 2 MPH to look outside and notice that things are wet.

    Rain sends Southern Californians to an alien planet. An alien planet where we forget how to drive and make mornings commutes twice as terrible as they already are.

    Rain. I’m looking forward to our next encounter.

  2. Well, I’ve always said two people who can lie and get paid for it: politicians and weathermen. I think as diverse as Los Angeles County is, don’t expect the forecast to be perfect. As for the flooding, I can say it’s the city’s fault, not being prepared for the rain by clearing sewers and allowing them to gather the debris that stop up the sewers. Well, that and the fact they don’t repair the streets, usually blaming it on the fact “no one complains…”