Crowds at Art Night Pasadena

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A view from the mezzanine of a crowded Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena Friday night during the free Art Night. The event continues today at Boston Court.

YOU can’t say that Friday night’s Art Night was not a success, at least if you judge by the number of people attending.

It was crowds, crowds and more crowds Friday night at the places me and some friends attended: Armory Center, the Pacific Asia Museum and the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

Buses chartered to shuttle people to the different venues were almost always packed. We waited on Union Street near Raymond for bus after bus but they were always full. So, we decided to skip going to the Norton Simon Museum. Instead, we hoofed it.

The Pasadena Museum of California Art was a real crowd pleaser. The exhibit in the Back Gallery displaying the photos from JPL’s Mars Reconnaissance Observer in 3D were a kick. (The crowd did a egalitarian job of sharing the 3D glasses, because there wasn’t enough to go around).

Also, the Pacific Asia’s anime and Samurai art exhibit was drawing big crowds. My wife and I grabbed a concrete bench in the courtyard and as I watched the crowds come in and out of the museum, I couldn’t help but think there were a lot of people taking advantage of something to do at night that was free. A popular event in itself in today’s dastardly economy.

It was grand, also, sneaking a peak at the Pasadena Symphony rehearsing for tonight’s performance of Vivaldi. The newly expanded Civic Center looked fantastic at night. Who needs a public art display of hats?

I would’ve liked to have seen more food vendors where you can grab a quick bite. I finally convinced my group to let me stop at Manny’s and buy a slice of pizza, which I carried around with me while walking on Colorado Boulevard. Not quite like Manhattan, but close.

Now, if only more museums would open doors for free. Cool idea, but we also should not forget to donate, even in these tough times.

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