A toast, to Sept. 11

Area cities remembered the attacks on Sept. 11 by having a 21-gun salute, candlelight ceremony and prayer services, Bethania Palma reported.

But in La Verne, they had a “Yankee Doodle good time by hosting a wine tasting event with performances from a local band, The Brats. http://www.ci.la-verne.ca.us/index.php?option=com_events&task=view_detail&agid=61&year=2007&month=09&day=11&Itemid=145 Here’s why they picked Sept. 11 to have their Taste of La Verne annual event, at $25 a person:

We picked September 11 for a reason. Six years ago the United States was attacked and a lot of innocent people lost their lives and families have had to live with that heartache every day since. We are going to honor these people and all the people who serve this country so we can remain free and enjoy the freedoms these people protect for us. This will be a special, very patriotic night and one you will enjoy, remember and be proud to have been a part of for years to come. This will be a Yankee Doodle good time!!”