The story behind the tow story

Here’s a little bit of information behind the tow story.

On Friday, I stopped by Royal Coaches to talk to owners Bill and Jim Salazar (they’re brothers) about debate over whether the city should extend their franchise agreement. In the middle of our conversation, I mentioned to Bill that I had received some calls from business owners and residents opposed to Royal Coaches. They claim the Baldwin Park-based company is “in bed” with the City Council because of campaign contributions.

Well, Bill immediately accused Jan’s Towing – his competition – of making their buddies call up the paper and complain to me, so that Royal Coaches would look bad. Bill went on to say that he was “learning from them,” meaning Jan’s Towing, and that “maybe I should do the same thing.”

Sure enough, on Friday, as I was writing the story, I got a handful of calls from citizens who said they had heard “Jan’s Towing was making slanderous remarks about Royal Coaches,” and they wanted to defend Royal Coaches.

Coincidence? Maybe, though I doubt it. Regardless, I didn’t use any of the resident or business owner comments in the story. I don’t give in that easy.