Politician calls for contribution limits?!


You read it right, La Puente Councilwoman Lola Storing is proposing the city prohibit council members from accepting any and all contributions from contracted or prospective consultants or developers in the city — that includes campaign contributions.

Storing said contributions “buy votes” (I can hear the gadflies and advocates for open government saying “duh” in my head).

But contributions from developers are very common – rampant actually – across the nation. Lola acknowledged that, and the hard fight it would be to actually get a measure like this passed in La Puente. She mentioned it would probably be a 4-1 vote against her proposal.

Storing might be right. A few of the council members I talked to Monday seemed hesitant. Councilman John Solis argued if they took out developer contributions from the mix, it would become so cheap to run for office that then “everyone would be doing it.” Now why would we want that?

Storing’s proposal goes before the council tonight. See the story in today’s paper.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Lola Storing for trying to do the right thing!

  • Anonymous

    it should also be noted that Councilwoman Storing is not so innocent. She was recently audited by the California FPPC and fined for violating campaign contribution laws. Whats that smell? The strong scent of a hypocrite.

  • Anonymous

    The audacity of John Solis’s comment is classic.

    Is this a reflection on the lack of respect he shows towards the community he represents, or on the people that vote him in?

  • anon

    What this lady should be worried about is all of the gang violence that is plauging her city. She lives in one of the most violent areas of la puente. I’m surprised she does not complain about all of the gunshots heard during the night.