Solis’ divine intervention

I just got off the phone with a Home Depot spokeswoman who confirmed the company is in talks with Baldwin Park officials about a solution to the citys day laborer issue.

You might remember several articles I did a while back on this topic: one failed ordinance barring day laborers from soliciting work, a second failed attempt at another, slightly different ordinance barring day laborers from soliciting work, and a lawsuit by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund that was eventually dropped.

Anyway, Councilman Ricardo Pacheco tells me they are trying to negotiated an agreement with Home Depot to build a day laborer center near the Puente Avenue home improvement store.

It sounds like they are still working out some glitches, but the parties are expected to meet in closed session on May 7 to possibly finalize an agreement.

Of course, some big questions still remain: whose gonna build it? Whose gonna pay for it? Whose gonna run it? And whose gonna assume liability for it?

Im sure those details will be ironed out.

As a final note, everyone tells me Rep. Hilda Solis, D-El Monte, got her little hands involved in the whole issue speeding up talks between Home Depot and the city.

As Pacheco put it: It took an act of Congress.

You can say that again.

  • Anonymous

    Solis didn’t speed up talks between Home Depot and the city; she leaned on H.D. and pressured them to come to the table, because up until that point they were non responsive to the city’s attempts at a solution.

  • Anonymous

    I am puzzled by your use of the phrase, “got her little hands involved.” That seems pretty dismissive of the actions of a member of Congress to solve a problem that has been dogging BP for (at the very least) months.

  • Brandie Woods

    To “Anonymous”,

    How could you be so dismissive to the people that are out there everyday doing whatever they have to do to feed their families by refering to the issue as, “a problem that has been dogging BP for months”?

  • Anonymous

    How can you find offense in a statement that a member of Congress should get involved in a conflict between day laborers and ordinary residents?

    The air must be awfully rare up on that high horse of yours.